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Planking ahead to 2016 and beyond

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KPS Grade 7 Memories in Slides

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  • Carousel of Memories
  • It Takes a KPS-Village
  • Showcased Memories of Grade 7


"A work of Heart...", is what we believe teaching to be at Kannemeyer Primary School and we are encouraged because we know that, with you, it is... possible.

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Virtual Library of Content

The KPS virtual library extends learning beyobnd the formal classroom.

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Contributions to Knowledge

KPS Teachers, students and community contribute to knowledge-base.


Evaluation of content validity

Rigorous student, teacher, community interaction validates knowledge.

Community Communication
Respect Love

Homework Support

We provide guidance and support for after-school life.


Pedagogical Support

KPS teachers can source real help from professional coaches and mentors.


Whole-person Support

Physical, Emotional and Special needs assistance is on hand at KPS.

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